Do It Yourself

This section is yours…

I wished to give you a way to participate in my own way to the process of creation of e-pipes or tobacco pipes
by allowing you to subject me your desires, your ideas or your frenzies in term of design and technology,
and to offer you the possibility to become the owner of a unique and personalized object.

Choose materials, form and size from the catalog below, and receive an estimate of realization of your personalized pipe.

For complex shapes, realizations or assemblies, everything cannot be described in a simple MCQ.
Thus do not hesitate to contact me and send your plans, sketch or any document that can improve our understanding
and allow us to exchange in the best conditions to estimate the feasibility of your project.

Also, the list of available wood species for electronic pipes is far from being exhaustive.
Do not hesitate to take a walk on the sites of my suppliers to discover other rare or specific wood species:

Comptoir des bois précieux                                       Bois52 – 3 APL                                        Mercorne

Use the next form and answer questions to specify your choices :

Wood species, Shapes, Dimensions, stem,…
I’ll give you back my better offer to realise your own pipe.

What kind of pipe do you want to do ?

electronic pipe                                                                             Tobacco pipe

You can also directly send an email to :