About me


Gilles Art’n Smoke” (GAS) whose acronym is my own family name,
is a small workshop in the south of France, on the edge of Mediterranean sea,
in which I like to satisfy my passions, and offer to satisfy yours.

All my pieces are hand made, in lovely selected materials.

Each piece is unique.
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Who am I ?


In love with beautiful objects, in love with beautiful materials, fascinated by the creation, design and good work…

That’s a real pleasure to have in your hands the object you just have designed and realized.

Creation is a slow process throughout all your senses are on alert alternately.
– The excitement when designing,
– The fascination when your block of wood show you the perfect shape,
– The sound of the wood on your lathe that reveal us its quality,
– The odor of wood, the odor of freshly machined metal,
– The beauty of veining which appears little by little,
– The shine of brass or silver when polishing,
– The sweetness of wood when sanding,
– The symmetries or forms and curves which we discover when manipulating and observing the rising object,
– The smell of the wax,
– The depth of varnish,
– The correctness of the assemblies,
– The smell of ebonite and its rising shine when polishing…

But also evoked and suggested sensations when we imagine this object manipulated by his new owner: some fine and delicate hands holding a small one, or strong and fleshy hands manipulating a heavy massive pipe, the pleasures of vape, the pleasure of aromatic tobacco homemade blend, exhaled by the beauty of this object.

Many sensations that I like to offer you through my realizations.

Design, creativity, engender feelings which sometimes take me away from strict codes of the traditional tobacco pipes, but opens new horizons and allow reasoned whims. The conception of electronic pipes allows to free itself from the constraint of fire resistance bounded to tobacco combustion, and thus to use any wood species, any materials, any assemblies. The use of ceramic or graphit chamber for tobacco pipes also allows me to use any diversity of woods and opens new perspectives.

left side view of my electronic pipe "reverse poker" worked in briar wood with ebonite stemright side view of my graphit chamber pipe

The beauty of some rough materials makes that it seems to me sometimes convenient to keep small defects which participate to the beauty and authenticity of the object. It also sometimes append, when walking along the edge of sea, to collect a beautiful floated piece of wood in which I see joining a unique piece. I even reserved them a particular section in my virtual shop.

Example of driftwood e-pipe


For me, it is important to share these values and feelings. And to reach there even better, and to associate you to this process, to immerse you in my world of creation and crafts, I wished to offer you a “do it yourself” section. I will be happy to guide yourself if you wish and to give you my feedback on your project, and perhaps realize it for you.

If you like my work, if you appreciate my creations, if as me you wish to share beautiful object passion, do not hesitate to share this link on Facebook, to Tweeter or Instagram.