Tobacco pipes

This section shows my tobacco’s pipe creations.
I work mainly Briar, Wood Oak and Olive wood which are the most fire resistant woods and offer an exceptional natural finish.

Actually, I also offer you graphit chamber inserts which do not modify the taste of tobacco and allows the use of any kind of woods for bowl without fear of firing damage.

I propose you stems worked from high quality Japanese ebonite bar, worked, polished and bend by myself.
And tuned to you remarks and wishes, I propose you some acrylic stems ou galalithe stems, approved by some of you.

All tobacco pipes you seen in photo in this pages are exactly the ones which are proposed to you on sale.
I try hard to show you the qualities and the details of my creations, but also wooden flaws,
even if I think they participate to uniqueness and authenticity of the piece, to allow you to buy with full knowledge.